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Preda B.C.E. is an intermediary company dealing only in chemicals for over 30 years. Our duty is to build a bridge between chemical buyers and sellers round the globe. We find markets and potential genuine buyers through our vast connections and experience, through our research and analysis wing. For buyers we find reliable suppliers with good quality chemicals at prevailing world market rates.


We ensure smooth transactions of any deal. We take care of the pre and post LC requirements of the sellers and buyers. Our knowledge of international trade through Uniform Customs & Practice helps both the sellers and the buyers from any delay of payment release and delay in shipments or non-delivery.


As an intermediary company we work as an honest broker to both, the buyers and to the sellers. We never ever have compromised on the quality of the goods and never ever have allowed either the seller or the buyer to take advantage of the other side.


Having worked with the Asian markets Preda B.C.E knows the demands, culture, psychology, the work methods of the main Asian markets – China, the Indian Sub- Continent, the Far East, the Middle East, Central Asian Republics and West Asia. We speak many Asian languages for better communication and understanding.


For last several years we are also actively marketing into different South American market. By now we have developed a large client base in the continent.


We being situated in Europe give added advantage to European traders to work through Preda B.C.E.


We are selling to many distinguished customers in China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Iran, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela.


Preda B.C.E is working closely with many-reputed medium to large-scale chemical traders from European Union, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, U.S.A and South Americas.


For over 30 years we are working 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your buying or selling requests always gets our top most attention.

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